August 24-28, 2014 - Tihany, Hungary

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Scientific Writing for Young Astronomers

We would like to again thank the participants and the lecturers for coming to Tihany for the 3rd Scientific Writing for Young Astronomers. It was four days of work, discovery and exchanges, but also of laughs and sharing, so both a helpful and a rich experience for all of us!

It was a pleasure for us to meet you all there.

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The SWYA organizers

The Scientific Writing for Young Astronomers (SWYA) School is a 4-day seminar about the major aspects of scientific writing and publishing. The purpose of organising an "Astronomy and Astrophysics School" is to teach beginning PhD Students how to express their scientific results through correct and efficient science writing. In other words: how to write scientific papers for different forums (journals, proceedings, thesis manuscripts, etc.).

Each morning and afternoon session will contain at least three lectures. Every lecture will be followed by an open discussion session, where students can address any issues related to the topics treated in the lectures. A daily discussion session "students only" will be organised, and the students will be given ample opportunity to raise questions emanating from these sessions.

All lecturers have long professional experience in publishing, editorial matters, scientific writing and library and database management.

Students can also bring manuscripts and drafts of papers and seek advice, or present their own research in poster format. Posters will not be included in the Proceedings book.

Participants are beginning PhD students with little experience in scientific writing. Because of the limited seating capacity, we can only accept PhD students who are in their first or second year of their PhD study (postdocs are excluded).

The event is not a language learning class, nor does it offer technical training in typesetting and word processing.

I liked the most Effective Sciences writing because we have clear practice in small groups

It is a journal with a lot of publishing quality papers. I was impressed on the editors contributions to the papers to ensure it was as good as possible

Students from the third SWYA


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